Other shows

"Special mention has to go to Hughes, who has some particularly powerful moments as Mercedes" - Salisbury Journal 2013 (The Count of Monte Cristo)

"Montag’s pill-popping wife, the maniacally wonderful Kali Hughes" - DC Metro Theatre Arts, USA,  2013 (Fahrenheit 451)

"...mastered every inch of the wicked woman" - Daily Echo 2011 (Cinderella)

"a gem as the Wicked Witch of The West...she really rocks" - The Stage 2009

"...disports herself with vim whether on a flying trapeze or waving a salvationist's tambourine" - Financial Times 2008 (Wink The Other Eye)

"...makes a vivacious (Burlington) Bertie..." - The Stage 2008 (Wilton's Music Hall)